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Africa Is Not Amused by ARVEN92 Africa Is Not Amused :iconarven92:ARVEN92 2,150 637
Because He Was Alone Chapter Three
Notes: I would just like to say, I know that so far, this has been a tiny bit unrealistic, but that's okay! Creative license, right? Anyways, just wanted to apologize for being slightly unrealistic in the beginning, buuut I hope you liked in anyways.
Also, there's more fluff in this chapter, because I just love it!
Thanks readers! =)
Chapter Three: Home
"Just here, please," John told the cabbie.
Sherlock got an alarmed look on his face. "Wait, where are you going? We aren't home yet," he asked as John began to get out of the now-stopped cab.
"Sherlock," John said as if Sherlock was a small child, "you're taking care of a baby. We have to get things like food, nappies, a cot, and baby clothes and—the list goes on and on. Soo," John drawled," I'm going to the store to get everything we'll need, and you're going home to take care of Hamish until I get back."
"But John, what if I do something wrong? What if I hurt him, or he starts crying or—"
"Sherlock! You're going to be just
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Because He Was Alone Chapter Two
Chapter Two: Hamish
"John, don't say anything," began Sherlock, "but I'm taking this child home with me today."
Lestrade turned around, a very confused look on his face at Sherlock's last comment. But upon turning around, and seeing the baby in his arms, Lestrade's mouth, too, hung open.
"What?" John began, tripping over his own words. "No, Sherlo— It's—You can't just—" John stuttered.
"John, do please get it out," Sherlock sighed.
"N-no!" John practically squeaked.
"John, I told you not to say anything," Sherlock scolded. "And please be quiet, he's sleeping." Sherlock made a gesture with his head to the sleeping figure in his arms.
Sherlock walked between the two men who were staring wide-eyed as the detective carried on as if nothing had happened.
Sherlock approached the woman at the first desk who had, finally, looked away from her phone. She looked at Sherlock and was met with an icily cold smile, which seemed incredibly menacing. He turned his head just slightly
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Stacey the Stork (FNaFOC) by FunkyKazoo Stacey the Stork (FNaFOC) :iconfunkykazoo:FunkyKazoo 6 3 Service With a Smile by FunkyKazoo Service With a Smile :iconfunkykazoo:FunkyKazoo 2 3
FNaF Oc Bio
Stacey the Stork
Programmed Gender:
Species modeled after:
Programmed age:
Mid-late twenties
Duration of service:
Fredbear’s Family Diner opening-closing
10’ (not including hat)
Fur color:
White with a blue vest
Eye color:
Green (sometimes switch to black during day, always black at night)
Before Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica preformed onstage, Stacey would pull a piece of paper out from her bag of “mail” and “read” the names of the birthday boys and girls, wishing them all a happy birthday. Before the restaurant opened every day, these names were programmed into her system in order, so she would know what to say. Stacey also doubles as a beacon for children separated from their parents, and can help find a lost child’s guardian.
Reason for decommission:
Stacey’s head mechanics were extremely glitchy (the reason is in the trivia), and would often lead to frightening occurrences during the day.
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Marionette rested its thin back against the wall of its cage, lulled by the comforting melody of the familiar music box that echoed through the halls of the empty restaurant. The simple jingle was all that Marionette had left. The last memory of when it was a child, so very long ago… Suddenly Marionette lurched forwards, startled by the sound of movement outside the prize corner. Cautiously, it peeked its head out of the top of the box it was confined in, its black eyes scanning the darkness of the room. Nothing. Its probably the animatronics… Thought Marionette. It was time to get the guard. Who knows, maybe this time he'll be the right one. Suddenly, a twitch of movement caught Marionette's eye. Its optic sensors picked up a slim figure shuffling across the checkered floor in its direction. As the unknown animatronic drew closer, Marionette recognized him to be the original model of Bonnie the bunny. He was a kid like me once too... The Marionette pondered. But now poor B
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Leftovers by FunkyKazoo Leftovers :iconfunkykazoo:FunkyKazoo 2 0 Izzy Scribble by FunkyKazoo Izzy Scribble :iconfunkykazoo:FunkyKazoo 2 3 Sherlock Ship Meme by FunkyKazoo Sherlock Ship Meme :iconfunkykazoo:FunkyKazoo 0 2 heres how he turned out by FunkyKazoo heres how he turned out :iconfunkykazoo:FunkyKazoo 0 0 Chibi Sherlock Bookmark by FunkyKazoo Chibi Sherlock Bookmark :iconfunkykazoo:FunkyKazoo 0 0 Fursuit Foam Head Base by FunkyKazoo Fursuit Foam Head Base :iconfunkykazoo:FunkyKazoo 5 6 Angels by FunkyKazoo Angels :iconfunkykazoo:FunkyKazoo 1 0 Faces by FunkyKazoo Faces :iconfunkykazoo:FunkyKazoo 1 0
My Five Nights at Freddy's Theroy
So, first off, I would like to acknowledge that this is all just my five nights at Freddy’s theory and it may not be true. This is just what I think.
In all, we know that there were four restaurants total. There is the original place that Phone Guy mentions in one of his recordings during the second game, known as “Fredbear’s Family Diner”, the first restaurant under Fazbear Entertainment, “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza”, which Phone Guy mentions in the second game as being left to rot after the animatronics began to stink, “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza 2”, the setting of the second game, and lastly “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza 3” which is where you play in the first game. So, who/what is Fredbear?  Why did the restaurants keep closing? Where is game three taking place? What exactly happened within those walls? All these questions and more will be answered.
Let’s start where it all began, Fredbear’s Family Din
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Hello people of the internet! I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. Mostly animals, although I sometimes draw people. I am an anthro artist and I enjoy drawing hybrid characters, such as my fursona, Izzy the Fox Deer. I have always had a fascination with animals and sometimes invent up to 20 original characters a week (I counted lol)! Quite recently, I have started drawing digitally. Everything in my gallery at the moment is finger drawn on my kindle fire.


Heyy Im making another account Lupis-Novella please please PLEASE go check it out.


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